Information About TaxMasters’ Reorganization

As of October 2014, the bankruptcy trustee is in the process of resolving certain litigation and continuing to pursue other lawsuits.  It does appear, at this time, that there will eventually be money for a distribution. Unfortunately, the Trustee cannot give, at this time, an estimated date as to when those distributions will occur or how much they will be.  On or around October 14, 2014, a notice of claims bar date was mailed out to potential claimants and published in newspapers.  The bar date for filing a proof of claim in this bankruptcy is JANUARY 30, 2015, at 5:00 EST. If you desire to file a proof of claim related to TaxMasters, Inc., and/or TMIRS Enterprises, Ltd. or desire to access documents available on the official court docket for the TaxMasters, Inc., bankruptcy, please refer to the information provided at the following website:  At this date, only consumer claimants (former clients/customers of TaxMasters) are eligible to file proofs of claim along with other creditors who have not yet received notice of a deadline related to their claim. (Please review Docket Nos. 346, 398, and 399 at for information on the deadlines that have already passed.)  If you have a questions related to the filing of a proof of claim, you may call 1-888-722-0637.  For questions of a general nature (not related to the filing of a proof of claim), please contact the Center for Consumer Law.

The Trustee has recently settled certain lawsuits.  The funds created by these settlements will be available for distributions to creditors; however, the Trustee does not yet know exactly how much money will be available to pay claims as there is additional litigation that is still pending and additional estate expenses.  The Trustee also does not know how many claims will be asserted by former clients/customers.

Case Name and Number:

TaxMasters, Inc. d/b/a Texas TaxMasters d/b/a TaxMasters

United States Bankruptcy Court Southern District of Texas
P.O. Box 61010
Houston TX 77208

JudgeHon. David R. Jones

Chapter 7 Trustee:
Ronald J. Sommers
2800 Post Oak Blvd
61st Floor
Houston, Texas 77056

Office of the US Trustee
515 Rusk Ave
Suite 3516
Houston, TX 77002
Phone: (713) 718-4650

TaxMasters, Inc., is no longer operating; accordingly, you should NO LONGER rely upon TaxMasters, Inc., to perform ANY services for you with regard to your tax matters. For guidance on how to resolve outstanding tax issues, please see “Letter from the National Taxpayer Advocate to TaxMasters Clients” available at For more information about the National Taxpayer Advocate, visit

The information related to the bankruptcy of TaxMasters, Inc., included on this website is provided by the bankruptcy trustee in conjunction with a directive from the bankruptcy court. The trustee provides this information for informational purposes only, and this provision does not constitute legal, financial, or other professional advice. The information on this website is provided as a convenience to the public and interested parties to this bankruptcy. This website is not intended to be, nor should it be relied upon as, a substitute for financial, legal, or other professional advice. The trustee does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy, completeness, or current nature of the information that is provided on this website and shall not be liable to any individual or entity for any loss or injury arising out of or caused in whole or in part by the acts, errors, or omissions in providing this information. Information provided through this website is not intended to solicit or to create, and does not create, any attorney-client relationship between the trustee/the trustee’s legal counsel and any person and/or entity.